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Newly commissioned data by the British Transport Police (BTP) reveals that more than a third of women using the railway in Britain face the likelihood of experiencing assault during their


The BTP data highlights that these incidents mainly occur during the evening rush hour when trains are crowded and busy.

It's reported that unacceptable behaviors like leering, catcalling, unwanted touching, pressing, upskirting, or indecent exposure have become increasingly prevalent for women. In instances of harassment, 51% of female victims mentioned that fellow rail passengers attempted to intervene and help.

However, the figures also show that only one in five individuals who witnessed these incidents of sexual harassment reported them to the police.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Furnell of BTP emphasized the importance of communal vigilance and support while using trains or the Tube.

"It's common for us to caution our daughters, mothers, or friends to be cautious, especially when traveling alone late at night – advising them to share their journeys and stick to well-lit areas," Furnell stated. "But sexual harassment can occur at any time of day, with our data indicating it’s most likely during peak hours when carriages are packed."

He added, "This means all of us have a role to play in being aware of our surroundings, putting away our phones or newspapers, and being vigilant. If we witness something inappropriate, it's crucial to take action, whether by intervening if safe to do so or by reporting it to the police."

Furnell urged the public to report instances of sexual harassment, whether experienced personally or observed, to the police for immediate action. Photo by Elliott Brown from Birmingham, United Kingdom, Wikimedia commons.