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Reform UK, formerly known as the Brexit Party and founded by Nigel Farage in 2018, has officially selected Howard Cox as its candidate for the upcoming London mayoral elections in May.

Cox, a 69-year-old businessman and founder of the Fair Fuel UK campaign, is positioning himself as a candidate focused on practical and popular policies to "get London moving."

In an interview with the BBC, Cox outlined key aspects of his campaign, emphasizing his commitment to supporting motorists. His top priorities include the immediate elimination of the entire Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the removal of associated cameras. Additionally, Cox plans to scrap Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), 20mph zones, and aims to make cycle lanes smaller to alleviate congestion while maintaining a focus on reducing emissions.

Cox, a lifelong supporter of the Conservative Party, expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and cited numerous messages from Londoners as the motivation behind his decision to run. He acknowledged the challenges faced by a smaller party but emphasized his business background, stating, "I am a businessman, not a politician, so I am not frightened to make big and important decisions that will help get London moving."

Among his other priorities, Cox aims to triple the number of police officers on the roads to enhance safety and reduce crime. He also plans to triple the construction of affordable housing in the capital.

The London mayoral race features five other candidates, including Rob Blackie of the Liberal Democrats, Independent candidate Natalie Campbell, Zoe Garbett of the Green Party, Susan Hall representing the Conservative Party, and the incumbent mayor, Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party. Photo by Reform UK, Wikimedia commons.