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David Cameron is poised to allow some court sentencing to be televised, it has been reported.

Broadcasting from courts in tightly controlled circumstances is being looked at by the Government after renewed calls from broadcasters.

The Prime Minister will unveil plans to allow cameras in court for judges' sentencing of offenders, according to The Guardian.

On Monday evening a spokesman for Number 10 repeated a statement made on Sunday by the Ministry of Justice which said: "We are considering proposals put forward by broadcasters to allow limited recording and transmission from courts in specific circumstances.

"However, before any firm proposals are developed, the Lord Chancellor will wish to consult on the principle of broadcasting from court with the senior judiciary."

Sky News, which has been campaigning for cameras in court, quoted its own sources saying cameras would be allowed in courts for some elements.


John Ryley, head of Sky News, has written an open letter to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke calling for proceedings to be televised.

In January 2010 Mr Ryley announced a campaign to get television into the courts, which he said would include legal challenges to the current ban on cameras in court.

In the open letter he said it was time TV cameras were allowed into courts, starting with the televising of sentencing remarks and judgments.

On Monday night, he said: "Sky News welcomes the decision and looks forward to working with the judiciary to bring about more transparency in our justice system."


The Press Association, photo by The Prime Minister's office