British Queen celebrates


It is the right time to check out what is under the sofa at your house! 50 pence coins issued to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Samuel Johnson's English Dictionary are being sold

on eBay for £3,500. Commemorative coins with word “fifty” written in the style of the traditional English font used in the dictionary became a rarity and are highly valued by numismatists of the world. Users of eBay note: “The commemorative 50 pence coins in circulation are rare and limited”. However, according to Change Checker experts, the coin is not so rare. It was released in 2005 with a circulation of 17,649,000 pieces, which is much smaller than the circulation of coins with the image of the Royal Weapon of 2008 in 22,7 million pieces, according to The Mirror. Thus, it is quite possible there is a valuable coin in almost every British household for which you can get £2-3 thousand (photo-ebay).