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The City of London snow clearance nightshift commenced mechanical gritting of the Square Mile at 1.00am, completing precautionary east and west gritting routes in the early hours and directing all street sweeping operations to winter maintenance activities at 3.00am.The night operation continued to grit known problem areas including high risk and priority highways and footways in accordance with the City of London Snow and Winter Emergency Plan. These priority areas included London Bridge, Southwark Bridge, Tower Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, station fronts, bus stops, crossing points, raised junctions and traffic islands City-wide.  During the nightshift the gritting operation treated 39 miles of highway and used approximately 15 tons of salt.

Morning shift commenced at 7.00am with two gritters sent out at 7.30am to salt east and west sides of the City. The early and middle sweeping shifts have all been directed to work on the City Snow Plan with works ongoing. It is anticipated that this work will be completed by 5.00pm (prior to major worker footfall) with all roads having, as a minimum, a safe, snow free footway. We aim to remove the majority of snow/ slush from all footways to avoid icing over during the night. We will be gritting manually and mechanically throughout the night.

In addition to the planned work we are responding to the feedback from our staff's site inspections while the weather forecast is being monitored by the winter service manager and used as basis for future service delivery planning.