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Three long years of Silver Arrow lurched past the targets. There was nothing: a measly victory in 58 races. This year it runs better already clear: Yesterday there was the seventh pole position in the last eight Grand Prix. So that more will follow after two wins, Mercedes upgraded its Silver Arrows to continue. So far it still stumbling block in the vote of the Mercedes on the Pirelli tires. To fix this, turn mastermind Ross Brawn (58) and his armada engineer the car now in a silver UFO: large-scale attack on Vettel with infra-trick and a lot of fresh wind.Two tiny thermal sensors are located directly in front of the front tires on the front wings. They look like mini-submarines, the size of a gherkin. To determine the temperatures of the abdomen and the surface of the tires, send the data immediately to the pits. So engineers can monitor the current temperature evolution of the two front tires. It is important for tuning the car and the perfect time for a tire change. And in the heat of battle in Hungary (to 39 degrees), the two heat-spies can be a very important help today. One passes the cooling air for the engine. The other is an innovation which could soon find several imitators – Lotus tried it out already.



Through the second opening of the cover, the air is passed at a certain speed by the rear wing.Through this separation of flow and pressure of the air resistance is reduced. Result: The Silver Arrow is behind something lighter and faster on the straights. The sophisticated system: At low speed, the second slot directs the air along with the cooling air from the lower furnace tube behind the rear wing, so that the contact pressure remains unchanged in the curves. It has been tested at the Nürburgring for the first time during the race weekend, yesterday in Hungary for the second time since the “airhead” system was officially called it passive DRS, already modified. It is to be further developed with high pressure and perfected to be used towards the end of the year in the race.