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Today, Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer is spearheading a collaborative effort involving industry leaders tasked with implementing the recommendations outlined in the Review of

Women's Football.

Under the stewardship of Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer, key stakeholders such as the FA and NewCo will convene to drive progress in fulfilling the directives laid out in Karen Carney MBE’s review of women’s football. This initiative coincides with the Sports Minister's initiative to gather academics and industry figures to explore avenues for furthering women’s sports.

This concerted effort builds upon the government's existing commitment to bolster the development of women and girls’ sports, exemplified by initiatives like the £30 million Lionesses Futures Fund. Today’s meeting marks the inaugural gathering of the Women’s Football Review Implementation Group, tasked with executing recommendations to elevate standards within the domestic women’s football arena.

Representatives from various entities, including NewCo, the FA, and governmental bodies, will provide updates to the Culture Secretary on the progress made thus far. The focus will be on implementing top-tier standards for players, fans, and staff, enhancing the talent pipeline, and securing dedicated broadcasting slots for women’s football.

Having endorsed Carney’s review in full, the government is steadfast in its commitment to catalyzing substantial and sustainable growth within women’s football. This commitment aligns with the government's broader sport strategy, aimed at increasing overall physical activity levels, with a specific emphasis on engaging 1.25 million more women by 2030.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer reiterated the government’s dedication to fostering growth and participation in women’s sports, emphasizing the imperative to meet ambitious targets by 2030. She underscored the importance of swiftly implementing recommendations outlined in Carney’s review, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to drive meaningful change.

Carney herself will lend her expertise to the meeting, particularly regarding talent development and diversity enhancement within women’s football. She expressed optimism about the progress made thus far while emphasizing the need for sustained momentum to fully realize the review's recommendations.

The implementation group welcomes additional independent figures, including Kelly Simmons, Jane Purdon, and Deborah Dilworth, to provide valuable insights and guidance. Their expertise will be instrumental in navigating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities within the women’s football landscape.

Moving forward, the group aims to address critical areas outlined in Carney’s review, including raising minimum standards for player welfare and professionalism. Initiatives such as outlining professional environments by NewCo and the FA represent initial steps towards realizing these objectives.

Beyond women’s football, the government is committed to raising standards across all women’s sports. Sports Minister Stuart Andrew chaired the inaugural meeting of the Women’s Sport Board, aimed at fostering collaboration and sharing best practices across various disciplines. Discussions will center on enhancing physical welfare and support for female athletes, laying the groundwork for future progress.

As the momentum for women’s sports growth continues, future meetings will delve into topics such as sustainable investment and holistic athlete support. These efforts underscore the government's commitment to fostering an environment where women’s sports can flourish, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable sporting landscape. Photo by Weloc, Wikimedia commons.