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Walking just 15,000 steps a week could potentially extend your lifespan by up to three years, according to a recent study. Researchers suggest that adopting this habit could have significant

health benefits, potentially reducing healthcare costs and improving overall well-being.

Conducted by Vitality and the London School of Economics, the study examined the behaviors of over one million individuals in the UK and South Africa over a period of ten years. The findings revealed that incorporating moderate levels of physical activity into daily routines could lead to considerable improvements in health outcomes.

With a substantial portion of the population classified as inactive, there is growing concern about rising rates of non-communicable diseases like type 2 diabetes. However, the study suggests that even small changes, such as walking 5,000 steps three times a week, could make a significant difference.

For instance, if half of the inactive population were to engage in this level of activity, it could potentially save the NHS billions of pounds annually by reducing hospitalization rates. Furthermore, sustained physical activity habits, such as walking 7,500 steps three or more times a week, were associated with a significant reduction in mortality risk, particularly among older adults.

The study also highlights the importance of policy interventions to promote preventive healthcare measures and encourage healthy habits. By prioritizing public health initiatives and supporting individuals in adopting active lifestyles, policymakers can contribute to longer life expectancies, improved productivity, and reduced healthcare costs in the long term.