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In a welcomed turn of events, Scotland supporters will be permitted to bring their beloved bagpipes into stadiums during Euro 2024.

Initially, concerns arose that the Tartan Army might have to forgo their iconic musical accompaniment this summer due to UEFA guidelines that prohibited "mechanical sound-emitting devices" during fixtures.

However, UEFA has clarified that bagpipes will indeed be allowed, provided they are registered with the Scottish Football Association (SFA).

The Scottish national team, led by manager Steve Clarke, will commence their tournament journey against hosts Germany on June 14.

Despite the match being held at the Allianz Arena in Munich, a stadium "prohibited items" list cautioned against mechanical or electronic noise-making devices, including megaphones and air horns. Other items such as pea whistles and vuvuzelas were also banned.

Yet, a recent Euro 2024 fan forum gathering, attended by representatives from the 21 qualified teams, reached a consensus to approve the presence of bagpipes. The forum also assured that the process for registering fans' instruments would be communicated to the SFA in due course.

A UEFA spokesperson affirmed, "Fans are welcome to bring instruments to the stadium, but they will have to register them with their respective national associations, who will be responsible for centralizing their fans’ activities inside the stadium."

Iain Emerson, editor of the Famous Tartan Army magazine, emphasized the uplifting effect of bagpipe music on the team and the overall atmosphere. He recounted the vibrant ambiance created by bagpipes during the opening game of the 1998 World Cup against Brazil, likening it to "one massive party." Emerson stressed the uniqueness of Scotland's ability to bring bagpipes to sporting events worldwide.

UEFA's decision to restrict certain devices follows the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where the widespread use of vuvuzelas, plastic horns, drew criticism for their overwhelming noise level, likened to a swarm of bees.

Scotland's Euro 2024 campaign continues with matches against Switzerland in Cologne on June 19 and Hungary in Stuttgart on June 23. Photo by MushummelChristiane Menger, Wikimedia commons.