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Reading's League One match against Port Vale came to a halt as supporters initiated a massive pitch invasion in the 16th minute, protesting against club owner Dai Yongge. The protest,

marked by fans throwing tennis balls onto the field, led to an hour-long standoff, forcing the abandonment of the match. Reading had pleaded with fans to leave the pitch, citing the risk of abandonment and personal consequences.

The English Football League (EFL) announced that it would discuss the implications of the abandonment with both clubs. Reading, currently 21st in League One, had earlier received a four-point deduction in August for failing to comply with an order related to their wage bill deposit. This marked a total deduction of 16 points in the last two years, contributing to their relegation from the Championship.

Despite repeated pleas to clear the pitch and announcements over the PA system, fans remained defiant, expressing frustration with owner Dai Yongge. The Sell Before We Dai fan group, dedicated to pushing Dai to leave the club, insisted that the pitch invasion was just the beginning of their protest. They thanked Port Vale supporters for backing their cause, emphasizing their ongoing commitment to demanding change.

Reading CEO Dayong Pang acknowledged the club's significant financial challenges in a statement issued after a meeting with the Sell Before We Dai group, revealing that a sale was not imminent. The ongoing discontent among fans highlights the deep-seated issues surrounding ownership and management at the club. Photo by  Andrew Smith, Wikimedia commons.