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Football unites countries and peoples: R. Abramovich (Russia, 2018 World Cup)  and A. Yaroslavsky (Ukraine, UEFA EURO 2012) at Metalist Stadium (Kharkiv)



The Russian Federation government is going to attract funds of the big business in preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This was announced by Russian PM Putin at a press conference dedicated to Russia’s victory in the bidding for World Cup 2018.

"We want to attract business to minimize government expenses on preparing for the championship. I cannot rule out the possibility that Mr Abramovich may take part in a project,” PM Putin said.

The Russian Federation is not the first post-USSR country to count on support of oligarchs when preparing for major international football events. Ukraine hosts the Euro 2012 and it extensively involves both government and private funds.

A significant portion of projects is put in place by partial or complete funding by oligarchs. In many cities, rich businessmen have taken the responsibility for preparing stadiums, airports, hotel facilities and infrastructure. Most oligarchs like Mr Abramovich mentioned by PM Putin own FCs playing in the Eurocup.

Experts believe that Russia will adopt the Ukrainian experience and properly prepare for the 2018 World Cup by reducing government expenses and financial risks.