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Two-time world champion Lewis Hamilton said Monday he is determined to keep winning Formula One titles after his triumph in Abu Dhabi.

After a night of partying following Sunday's Grand Prix victory, the 29-year-old Briton said he would get immediately down to work improving the car for next season.

"We want to be able to go into next season and compete again and be as strong as possible.

"That's obviously going to be the goal and I have absolute faith in the team that we will come back very, very strong next year."

Hamilton's victory, after Mercedes teammate and season long rival Nico Rosberg made a poor start from pole position and then suffered mechanical problems on his way to finishing 14th, added a second title to the first won in 2008.


Mercedes dominated the season with a record 16 wins in 19 races – 11 to Hamilton and five to Rosberg – and produced speed and consistency that left their rivals stranded.

The team now appear poised to enjoy an era of supremacy like that of Germans Michael Schumacher, at Ferrari, and Sebastian Vettel, at Red Bull.

"The first title was an exceptional and an incredible feeling for me,” said Hamilton.

"That was achieving a life-long goal of getting to Formula One and winning the world championship. I don't know if I was in a place to really embrace it and absorb it in the way I can today.

"Being a part of this team is definitely a more satisfying feeling. Winning this championship with this team -- a young team that has worked so hard to get to where we are," he added.

"To be a part of that is something really very special.

"You see the atmosphere in the team, you see the guys at the factory and what's gone on with the partnership with Petronas and all the guys back at the factories in Brackley and Brixworth putting the team together.



"Being in a different stage in my life, it just feels sweeter being a bit older. It's very special and a humbling experience."

Having apparently pushed aside their once bitter rivalry, Hamilton and Rosberg are already favourites to repeat their duel next year.

"Watching past drivers, that following year, they seemed to continue getting stronger on a positive curve and trend, so I hope that's the case for us next year,” said Hamilton.

"I'm sure with Petronas we will work very hard to make sure we improve our engine and, with the car, the team is going to push and we are making positive steps in that way.

"I'm looking forward to going back to the factory and downloading every bit of info that I can and make sure there are areas that I can improve on and take that away and make sure I improve on them.

"Also, for the car I want to make sure the guys have all the information possible to steer them in the right direction." afp, photo by