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Prince Harry has achieved a legal victory in his privacy claims against Associated Newspapers as a judge's ruling allows the case to proceed to trial. The publishers of the Daily Mail and Mail on

Sunday sought to halt the case, contending that allegations of dishonestly obtaining information were time-barred. However, the judge, Mr Justice Nicklin, has determined that the case, involving Prince Harry and six other prominent claimants, can move forward.

Associated Newspapers vehemently denies the allegations, which include accusations of gross breaches of privacy against high-profile figures such as Sir Elton John, David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost, Sir Simon Hughes, and Baroness Doreen Lawrence. The claims involve alleged bugging devices, phone call interceptions, and dishonest acquisition of medical and financial information.

The decision has been welcomed by actor Hugh Grant, director of the Hacked Off group advocating for press reforms. Prince Harry's appearance in court marked a surprising development in his ongoing battles with the UK tabloid press. The court's ruling sets the stage for a full trial at a later date, potentially requiring another in-person appearance by Prince Harry. Photo by DoD News Features, Wikimedia commons.