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The BBC News has obtained data revealing the UK's highest outstanding student debt to be over £230,000.

According to the figures, the largest repayment made by a graduate has reached £110,000, while another borrower has accumulated nearly £55,000 in interest alone.

The data, obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Student Loans Company (SLC), highlights the financial burden faced by many graduates in the UK.

On average, graduates in England leave university with debts totaling £44,940, as reported by the SLC.

These figures have sparked concern among student organizations, with one describing them as "truly eye-watering," and the National Union of Students (NUS) raising questions about the fairness of the university funding system.

However, economists caution that such extreme cases are rare and not representative of the typical graduate experience.

The data obtained through the FOI request includes details on the highest amount of student debt owed by an individual, as well as information on interest accrued, non-compliance interest, and the largest amount repaid in full.

One notable case involves a graduate with a debt of £231,000, who reportedly studied multiple courses.

The repayment terms and loan amounts vary depending on factors such as when and where the borrower attended university and their degree classification.

Despite efforts to freeze tuition fees and implement reforms to the student finance system, the issue of soaring student debt continues to be a cause for concern.

Experts suggest that these high levels of debt could deter individuals, particularly those from working-class backgrounds, from pursuing higher education.

While government officials emphasize the importance of a sustainable student finance system, critics argue that more needs to be done to address the growing burden of student debt and ensure that higher education remains accessible to all.