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In a bid to curb disruptions and enhance safeguarding, The John Wallis Academy in Kent is set to implement a stringent policy requiring students to store their mobile phones in locked pouches

during school hours, starting in the upcoming year.

Principal Damian McBeath underscored the measure's importance in maintaining a conducive learning environment while acknowledging the prevalent challenge schools face regarding mobile phone use. Emphasizing the educational aspect, McBeath highlighted the pouches as a means to educate students rather than confiscate their devices outright.

Each student will be required to place their phone in a designated pouch upon entering the school premises. These pouches will be magnetically sealed and subjected to routine checks.

McBeath addressed the varying attitudes among students, noting the attachment some feel toward their devices while highlighting the positive reception from others who view the measure as a serious acknowledgment of the school's learning-focused environment.

He stressed the importance of schools as spaces for education and social engagement, citing the feedback received from students expressing gratitude for the initiative.

The Department for Education (DfE) lent support to The John Wallis Academy's mobile phone restriction, affirming the need for schools to provide an environment conducive to learning and assuring headteachers of backing in efforts to enforce such policies. The DfE also hinted at forthcoming guidance on the matter. Photo by  David Anstiss, Wikimedia commons.