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The Deanery CE Academy in Wichelstowe, near Swindon, which opened in 2019, has received the lowest possible rating from Ofsted. Inspectors found numerous areas of concern, including

frequent changes in leadership and teaching staff, gaps in the curriculum, and issues related to attendance and behavior.

Ofsted's report stated that pupils were "not well prepared for life in modern Britain" and noted a lack of understanding regarding discrimination and "fundamental British values." The school's approach to children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) was also criticized for not meeting support requirements.

Additionally, the report highlighted the school's lack of career guidance, advice on further education, and age-appropriate sex education. Frequent changes in teaching staff and a disjointed curriculum were identified as significant challenges.

Ofsted recommended that the school implement a curriculum breakdown to ensure consistency in what students learn across classrooms and hire experienced teachers to fill all positions.

The Deanery CE Academy is part of the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust, which was also criticized in the report for an "overgenerous" view of the school and not adequately addressing issues.

The Trust has acknowledged the need for improvement and is committed to enhancing students' experiences.

Parents and carers of students at the school expressed feelings of not being heard and a culture of "mistrust." Ofsted's "inadequate" rating covers all areas of leadership and management, quality of education, and personal development.

A new 'values in practice' curriculum will be introduced to support students' personal development and understanding of discrimination. Photo by