British Queen celebrates



Opponents of the proposed Stonehenge A303 tunnel project are set for a second attempt in the High Court to challenge its construction. Highways England aims to construct the tunnel near


A storied bookshop renowned for its intricately carved oak façade has announced its closure, marking the end of an illustrious 144-year history.


Greek officials have expressed their intent to continue discussions with the British Museum regarding the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Athens, despite a recent decision by UK Prime


In an upcoming exhibition titled "Leviathan" at Salisbury Cathedral, artist Shezad Dawood will display artwork featuring personal possessions retrieved from the Mediterranean seabed after


A stunning collection of several hundred rare Egyptian artifacts, some dating back 7,000 years, is poised for public display until May.

David Bowie's handwritten lyrics for two of his songs are set to be auctioned off, potentially fetching up to £100,000. These lyrics, featuring his corrections, drafts, and notes, belong to the


The Stonehenge Visitor Centre might undergo a transformation with the potential addition of new structures. English Heritage has proposed constructing two buildings as part of an initiative to

In the wake of a cyber attack on the British Library, hackers known as the Rhysida ransomware group have announced intentions to auction off purportedly stolen data. The attack, occurring


Napoleon Bonaparte's iconic hat from his reign as the French Emperor in the 19th century has fetched an impressive €1.9m ($2.1m; £1.7m) at an auction held in Paris.


The highly anticipated Glastonbury Festival 2024 saw all its tickets snapped up in less than an hour. Demand surged to the point that by 10:00 GMT, all tickets for the upcoming festival were