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London-based immersive entertainment company Layered Reality, in collaboration with Authentic Brands Group, the owner of the Elvis Presley estate, is set to launch a groundbreaking virtual

reality show, "Elvis Evolution." This unique experience will take fans on an immersive journey through the life and music of the legendary Elvis Presley.

Andrew McGuinness, CEO of Layered Reality, explained the concept, stating, "Visitors will start their experience in a central London location and embark on a captivating journey through Elvis's life. The immersive experience combines large intricate sets, actors, and cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality, projection mapping, and binaural sound. The climax of the show features an extraordinary AI-generated performance by Elvis, marking the first-time fans in London will witness such a unique spectacle. It's truly a joyous celebration of the iconic artist's life and musical legacy."

The collaboration with Authentic Brands Group has provided Layered Reality with unprecedented access to a vast collection of photos, intimate details about Elvis, and hours of home videos. This extensive archive has played a crucial role in creating a comprehensive understanding of the man behind the icon.

Scheduled to debut in London in November, "Elvis Evolution" has ambitious plans to extend its reach to other global destinations, including Las Vegas, Tokyo, Berlin, and beyond. The show promises to offer fans a one-of-a-kind experience, merging technology and entertainment to resurrect the King of Rock and Roll in a virtual reality spectacular. Photo by Wikimedia commons.