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Heritage campaigners are making a fervent bid to secure official recognition and registered status for the birthplaces of The Beatles in a move to preserve the sites deemed the genesis of the

iconic band's journey.

SAVE Britain's Heritage has taken steps to list two homes and a maternity hospital in Liverpool, crucial sites where George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon were born.

According to Charity Director Henrietta Billings, these locations stand as integral pieces in both the individual narratives and collective story of the Fab Four. "They hold immense significance to the history of one of the most influential bands in global popular music," she stated, underscoring the importance of protecting these landmarks.

The birthplaces of John Lennon and Paul McCartney - 251 Menlove Avenue and 20 Forthlin Road - received their listings in 2012. Lennon's birthplace at the Oxford Street Maternity Hospital, operational from 1926 to 1995, not only saw the birth of Lennon but also the world's first surviving sextuplets in 1983.

The enduring popularity of The Beatles was recently highlighted when their single "Now and Then" topped the charts, 60 years after their debut single release.

The charity SAVE Britain's Heritage emphasized the track's success as a catalyst for their application to secure the birthplaces' official status.

Ringo Starr's birthplace at 9 Madryn Street L8 3UT, a Victorian home designed by architect Richard Owens, faced the threat of demolition in 2016. It was saved after a contentious battle over plans to regenerate the area, involving the potential demolition of terraces.

Jonathan Brown, who prepared the listing application, highlighted the sites' remarkable historical, cultural, and artistic significance. "We aim for a swift resolution to acknowledge the enduring global respect and affection for the band members and their families," he said. Photo by United Press International, Wikimedia commons.