British Queen celebrates


Over the past year, 159 historic sites have been added to Historic England's Heritage at Risk Register, identifying places at risk of neglect, decay, or inappropriate development. Among the

newly added sites is The Great White Horse Hotel in Suffolk, which once inspired Charles Dickens and hosted notable figures like King George II, Admiral Lord Nelson, and The Beatles. Also, Holbeche House, associated with the Gunpowder Plot, and Oldway Mansion in Devon, once owned by Isaac Singer, the sewing machine company founder.

In total, 203 sites have been saved and removed from the register, reducing the overall count to 4,871 at-risk places. Arts and Heritage Minister Lord Parkinson highlighted the register's role in preserving cherished sites and acknowledged the collective efforts to safeguard England's historic buildings and places. The 25th-anniversary milestone of the Heritage at Risk Register marks a quarter-century of successful preservation initiatives, with approximately 6,800 entries removed since its inception in 1998. Photo by Reading Tom from Reading, UK, Wikimedia commons.