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The guttering on a property is actually an integral part of a building and should be well looked after. Of all of the elements, water is the most detrimental to any building, whether it be a home or business and guttering helps keep the property protected. Investing in a proper set of guttering will stand you and your building in good stead. It is not always easy to know what is available and which types of gutters commonly found in the UK are the best choice for you or your property. Many people believe that guttering is a modern invention but this is not the case. Many previous civilizations used guttering as they realized the importance of it. The system of guttering dates as far back as the Roman era and evidence now suggests that even older civilizations used the first forms of guttering on their buildings.

In terms of guttering in the UK, it was the Romans who first introduced it to the land. Later in the 11th century, the Normans knocked down existing structures and rebuilt them complete with guttering systems. In fact, during the Middle Ages the topic of guttering was widely a heated debate and dispute. As the centuries wore on, the materials and methods of guttering became more effective and advanced.

Lead was the most common material used for guttering for many years until around 1709, when manufacturers found a plentiful supply of coke to help make cast iron. This meant that cast iron took over the role of guttering from lead, particularly during the 19th century.

In these modern times, there are three prevailing types of gutters commonly found in the UK. Cast iron guttering can still be found on a number of older buildings dotted around the UK. This material is strong and hard-wearing but it must be properly maintained to keep its efficiency throughout the years.

Next, there are PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) gutters which are the most popular in the UK. They are fairly cheap, easy to install and lightweight. All of these features mean that they are popular and inexpensive to replace should they become damaged or blown off of a property.

The final choice when it comes to types of gutters commonly found in the UK is those made of pressed steel. This choice is bottom of the pile, mainly due to the fact that it is very expensive, however it can still be found extensively throughout the UK. The main benefits of having pressed steel guttering are that it is very durable and extremely lightweight.

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