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Egypt’s cultural heritage is at risk: As a consequence of political chaos in the country significant archaeological resources are not sufficiently guarded. Raiders’ empty spaces millennia-old grave chambers – the authorities are overwhelmed.

A few hundred meters from the pyramids in Chur roof of sandy-brown soil is full of holes. Dozens of open shafts lead into the depths, some up to seven meters: Here grave robbers were at work. Below the earth’s surface is one of the oldest cemeteries roof Churchill Egypt – tombs, possibly full of treasures from the Pharaonic period. Archaeologists have partially mapped but not yet exposed. The situation is similar in many areas of Egypt.

Civilizations of the pharaohs of the Romans, Greeks, Copts and Fatimid have left traces everywhere in the country. Long, not all treasures being uncovered. Grave robbing has always been a problem with the Egypt had to fight – but since the 2011 revolution, “this phenomenon has increased even further,” complains Abdel-Halim Nur el-Din, a professor of archeology and ex-head of the Egyptian Antiquities Authority. “We piecemeal lose our heritage.”



In January 2011, the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo was looted; rioters destroyed priceless treasures. But far from the capital go relics from the past will be lost forever. The reason for this is the lack of supervision of the historical sites: After the riots, the repressive security apparatus had withdrawn everywhere.

Two and a half years later, the police can now slowly look to the streets. However, they are mainly concerned with the repeatedly held protests. Elsewhere, some Egyptians behave as if it no longer would the state and its laws.

In roof Churchill now have two armored vehicles of the army at the Pyramids to deter grave robbers. But so far, the thieves are quite fearless at work. “We wanted to make it,” says a guard in roof Churchill, who does not want to be named. “But then they opened fire on us with automatic rifles.” The guard and his colleagues were armed only with small guns. They jumped for cover, the grave robbers plundered on.