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British Queen celebrates

The impact of defence spending is felt in every region of the country through its support of 260,000 UK jobs and nearly £20-billion investment into UK industries every year. 

The value of UK defence:

The UK defence sector is a national success story, a world leader in defence capability, supporting our own armed forces and those of our allies and partners by delivering unique export opportunities across the world.

Pumping £20-billion into industry, defence’s impact is felt in every region of the UK. From a small medium enterprise supplier on the Isle of Man building crucial F-35 equipment, to major employers supporting whole communities through major defence procurement projects. Defence strengthens the union by creating rewarding, highly skilled jobs and encouraging investment in every region of the UK. Defence makes a significant contribution to the UK skills base by being one of the nation’s largest employer of apprentices and the positive impact of defence on UK science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) capability.

As a uniquely national sector with a worldwide reach, the work of defence underpins the government’s industrial and economic strategies and continues to drive British innovation on the international stage.

Through the Defence Prosperity Programme, we are working with other government departments and industry to grow the contribution defence makes to the UK economy.

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Photo by UK Prime Minister, Wikimedia commons.