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British Queen celebrates

The Queen’s thank you note attains “Dresden’s first distillery for specialties Augustus Rex“

Georg W. Schenk, manager of Augustus Rex, got to welcome and open royal mail for a change. Queen Elisabeth II sent an official thank you note to the Saxon company to express her delight about the birthday present from Dresden’s first distillery for specialties. A bottle of the exquisite Dresden Gin, which is developed and distilled at Augustus Rex, was duly able to enrich the queen’s table for presents after a troublesome journey to England.

“We were very happy when we received the verification, that our Gin safely made it to the Buckingham Palace. The work was definitely worth the trouble. We are very confident, that the Queen will enjoy our quality product,” says Georg W. Schenk. Until the royal family enjoys a first drop the Gin from Dresden will be stored at Windsor Castle, one of the three main residencies of the British royal family.

The Dresden Gin is famous for its prominent and distinctive bouquet. It is distilled in a 300-liter alembic still at the distillery Augustus Rex. This way it can develop its flavour, which clearly distinguishes it from industrially distilled Gins. The idea to produce a special Dresden Gin was formed by 30 bartenders in 2010 when Georg W. Schenk decided to get some help for the development and realisation process.