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The Kyiv police have launched an informational investigation into the threats against Political Advisor of EU Parliament authorities Dr O.J.Kozerod, who—since December 2020—has been

assessing the European integration policy pursued by the government of Ukraine and the CIS countries by overseeing the issues of interethnic relations, anti-Semitism and domestic politics. On January 3, the leadership of the European Parliament made a statement reminding the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Minister of Interior of Ukraine that Dr Kozerod enjoyed privileges and diplomatic immunity based on the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Communities dated April 8, 1965, Section 4, Article 11, as an employee of the EU mission in Kyiv in connection with the performance of his official duties. The systematic threats against Dr Kozerod during December 2020–January 2021 are associated with the eagerness of the intelligence agencies of Russia to derail the European integration of Ukraine. The Kyiv police have been informed that the representatives of foreign intelligence agencies in Ukraine have been given a task to mount an operation against Dr Kozerod and other European officials who, from their perspective, are trying to establish “external control over the country with the aim of Ukraine joining the EU”. "The bandits always have the same trick - to threaten the family, threaten to come to your house and do something.They never use legal means to pressure politicians or discuss any issues at a round table", - stressed Dr Kozerod. The leadership of the European Union has appealed to the Minister of Interior of Ukraine with a request to protect Dr Kozerod for one year during the performance of his official duties.

Photo by U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine, Wikimedia commons.