British Queen celebrates


British virology scientists have called on the government to increase social distancing to three meters to help cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The Sage scientific advisory group members

stated the measure would improve the situation with the incidence of coronavirus. Nevertheless, opponents said the measure would puzzle the British after government agencies and private companies spent millions of pounds to create signage and informational materials following the introduction of the two meters distance. Health Secretary Matt Hancock criticized people violating social distancing rules at a press briefing on January 11. One source said: 'If it means limiting people to a single one-hour walk on their own once a week that is what we must do. We cannot let a few selfish idiots put the whole country in danger.'  Professor Paul Hunter of the University of East Anglia said: 'Risk declines the further you are away from someone. 'So three metres will reduce risk somewhat compared to two metres – but it is difficult to say how much and whether that would make a big difference. I suspect the main issue is people not sticking to the two-metre rule.'

Photo by Policy Exchange, Wikimedia commons