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On June 2, an unparalleled incident occurred in Kyiv downtown. A group of anti-semitic disposed Pechersk district dwellers attempted an act of violence towards Head of a Polish company involved in the preparation of Poland and Ukraine to hosting Euro 2012.  Crying "you sheeny, clear out of here", several unfriendly women attempted to attack Iryna Kotlyarevska, CEO at Iris Consulting Group (Poland), and to hit her on the face. "We will mop you up anyway, sheeny," the Nazi-disposed Pechersk district dwellers cried.  A Pechersk ROVD militia unit managed to arrive at the place immediately, thus saving Irina from harm, and identified one of the attackers. Iryna Kotlyarevska is known as leader of several education and publishing projects in countries where Diaspora lives. 


Today, she heads a Euro 2012 advertising campaign run by Poland and Ukraine in EU countries. Iryna Kotlyarevska said: "At present, ICG is the only business establishment advertising Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad".  Iris Consulting Group owns, for two years, a Polish-language Jewish periodical Jutrzenka published since 1861. An officer at Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs said to our news-writer: "As we approach Euro 2012, this country has been implementing a major program on combating Anti-semitism, including such on the Internet, since April 2011. The program was initiated directly by Radek Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs. It's too bad that such events can occur even in Kyiv downtown." Kotlyarevska stressed: "This state of affairs related to anti-Semitism in Kyiv makes me believe that the Euro 2012 advertising campaign should be held in Poland only".