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One of the restaurants in Barcelona which Chikovani has purchased


Our publication has already written about Alexander Chikovani, who is hiding from the Russian investigative authorities in Spain.

Our editorial office has received further information about Bank accounts of the Russian fugitive and his family, and via public data we have managed to find information about property purchased by the Chikovani family in the European Union.

Despite the fact that Alexander Chikovani is Georgian by nationality, he was born in the Russian city of Kemerovo in Siberia, and before the investigation was launched, Chikovani was running a construction business in the Russian capital of Moscow. Working as a contractor for major development companies in Moscow and the Moscow region, he managed to turn not just the partners and clients against himself, but even his own employees, which they have highlighted several times in various forums on the Internet.

Chikovani was included in the Russian Forbes magazine

Chikovani was not included in the top 100 most successful Russian businessmen, but in fact, Forbes rather decided to mention the fraudulent activities and tax evasion of the former business man.

One of Chikovani's firms, the construction company Hephaestus, took a loan, but the businessman was in no hurry to pay the debts to his creditors, and instead he began to transfer the funds abroad to the European Union. During an audit, it turned out that this company also intentionally avoided the payment of value-added taxes for three years, as well as engaged in money laundering for criminal structures, which caused serious damage to the country's budget.

Instead of solving the accumulated problems, Alexander Chikovani decided to flee Russia, leaving debts to the country, creditors and business partners.

Russian fugitive is purchasing Spanish real estate.

At the end of last year, it became known that Alexander Chikovani was hiding in Spain. He attracted the attention of several Italian and Spanish MEPs from the European Parliament. According to our data, the Chikovani family has hastily purchased real estate in Spain.

MEPs in written form appealed to the law enforcement agencies of this country in order to verify these facts and the appropriateness of allowing the Russian citizen on the territory of the European Union, who according to the media has close ties to ethnic criminal groups and is on the Federal most wanted list. It should be noted that this is not the first time that European countries provides shelter for people from Russia who are wanted for large-scale theft.

In an attempt to save the assets, Alexander Chikovani decided to transfer all the property to his wife - Ksenia Chikovani. Helping her husband with the legalization of stolen money, Ksenia became an accomplice to the crimes committed by her husband, acting as an accomplice.

Hotels, boarding houses, restaurants and other real estate properties in Spain that Alexander bought are now in possesion of his wife and his children. According to our information, Ksenia Chikovani is the beneficiary of two companies registered in Spain: Ansada Mediaterranea SL in Barcelona and Nueva Constructora Iberica in Tarragona. Today, the Chikovani family sells, rents, and manages hotels, restaurants, and other real estate properties in Spain. While the Spanish government turns a blind eye to the origin of these funds.

Apparently, the Chikovani family decided to settle in Europe for a long time. In particular, this is evidenced by the accounts found in Austrian banks in their names with large sums of money. Bank accounts in Hong Kong and mainland China were also opened as a fallback option.

For example, Ksenia Chikovani has an account with 3,463,746 US Dollars in the Hong Kong Bank United Overseas Bank Limited. Alexander Chikovani has 1,363,008 Hong Kong Dollars in the same Bank. He also opened an account with the Chinese Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which contains 1,097,183 US Dollars.

In Europe, the Chikovani family keeps “their " money in Austria. For example, UniCredit Bank Austria AG registered an account with 4,774,097 euros in the name of Alexander Chikovani, while Ksenia Chikovani keeps 190.667 euros in another Austrian Bank Kathrein Privatbank AG.

Alexander Chikovani was brought to subsidiary liability by the court for the obligations of debtors counting more than 200 million rubles for making a number of transactions, the purpose of which was the withdrawal of assets of companies controlled by him. All transactions on the withdrawal of assets made by the businessman in their favor are recognized by the courts as invalid.

Pavel Petrovich Kobyak, a bankruptcy Trustee, entered into the fraudster's business and challenged a number of transactions concluded by the debtor during the period when the actual management of Hephaestus-Stroy LLC was carried out by A. T. Chikovani. According to the expert, much suggests that the company was deliberately bankrupted by its owner in order to avoid paying for credit debts. The bankruptcy Trustee insists on arresting the assets of Alexander Chikovani and his wife in Spain, at the expense of which it is possible to satisfy the creditor's claims.

In the relations between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Spain, The agreement on legal assistance in civil cases of 1990 is still in effect. In this regard, the court decided to send a court order for international legal assistance to the Ministry of justice of Spain.

Alexander Chikovani, who is believed to have defrauded a large number of people, according to numerous media reports, is associated with Russian criminal groups and despite that he still successfully escapes from justice on the territory of the EU, which raises a serious security concerns and questions for Europe; can Europe afford to keep people on its territory who are accused of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, or are countries obliged to fight foreign criminals, just as they fight their own?