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On December 22, Zerah Business School presented a new master's program in Malta. Since January 1, 2020, this business school has been permitted to train students

majoring in International Executive MBA — a rare and high-demand business degree. This degree is one of the most prestigious degrees that can be earned in business education. It is designed for senior executives, owners, and those planning to launch startups and companies. The business school specializes in lobbying, Political Science, Communication and PR, that is extremely important for many regions of the world, include South and Eastern Europe, since the political system of these countries is only being shaped. Consequently, the transparent system of government actions and the lobbying system adopted in Europe can significantly help them promote democratic development. Future students are expected to learn how lobbyists, consultants, journalists, and PR advisers work. Many of them will do internships in EU authorities, journalistic teams, leading PR companies in the EU. This program provided by Zerah Business School and SMC University, is the officially recognized European program — it is licensed by the Ministry for Education and Employment of Malta in the 7thcategory (master's program). The learning process will last 18 months and will include online exams and a master's thesis.